O3 Miniboss Guides (WIP)


The 4 minibosses

Archbishop Leucoryx

Chancellor Dammah

Treasurer Gemsbok

Chief Beisa

All bringing new loot to the table, before I get on the guide, I’ll talk about Minibosses, clearing the rooms to Minibosses, the loot to cover, and everything that the Sanctuary has to offer.

Getting to the Sanctuary…

First you need the 3 runes, Sword, Shield, Helmet.

Sword Rune:

Drops from Endgame Dungeons excluding Halls and O3 itself. This also includes the event gods that drop those dungeons.

Shield Rune:

Drops from Court Dungeons and Event Gods ( except a few endgame ones )

Helmet Rune:

Drops from Sentry, Malus, MBC, and The Void

Now let’s onto the minions before the Miniboss

Depending on the miniboss you’ll mostly get the same type of minions in each room. Each room consisting on mostly that miniboss type.

If you get Dammah you’ll see mostly Dammah minions
If you get Leucoryx you’ll see mostly Leucoryx minions
If you get Gemsbok you’ll see mostly Gemsbok minions
If you get Beisa, be prepared to run from the minions

How do you tell what type it is?

Dammah Minions - Portals image

Leucoryx Minions - Beams image

Gemsbok Minions - Teleport image

Beisa Minions - Charge image

Now let’s talk about the Minions

Starting with Leucoryx Minions.

Oryx Deacon



This minion is not a good combo with other enemies, hell, that’s all about Leucoryx Minions, annoyance. They inflict some scary debuffs that can demolish you.

120 DMG shot sickening for 2 seconds, heck there’s 4 shots, and this son of a gun shoots rapidly fast.

1 bigger shot dealing 230 damage and slows for a few seconds. Shoots at the same speed as the previous shots.

1 big beam that every Leucoryx Minions have, this beam is heat seaking, this minions behavior is rotating around the closest player.

In game I don’t think the slow lasts 4 seconds, a tad shorter I’d say.

Oryx Cleric



The four different shots are the same damage and pierce, but they go in different speeds and go farther, these DON’T ACTUALLY SLOW. The beam comes out of the end, the minions pattern goes clockwise, but there’s a sweet spot you can stand in, and also shoots unstable shots when moving, after that it stands still.

This enemy charges and goes stationary for a few moments.


________________________________________________________________________________________All the minions are immune to paralyze and stasis, only 1 type of each minion can be stunned.

Checkmark means stunnable

Dammah Minions

Gemsbimagek Minions

Leucoryx Minions

Beisa Minions

Each Miniboss has a different carpet color and always has 3 rooms leading up to them
The carpet for Leucoryx is blue, Beisa green, Gemsbok yellow, Dammah red.
OR, you can judge them by which side they are, Leucoryx is the top side, Beisa right, Gemsbok left, Dammah down.

Starting with Archbishop Leucoryx

These are the rooms you spawn in, just 1 circle shape


Also Leucoryx is the top side, facing up, Beisa right, Gemsbok left, Dammah down.

Whatever miniboss you get affects the towers in O3 ( their positions )

image image image image image

image image image image image image image image image image image

Also I know there’s spawn points for every minion, but I’m lazy to cover that and I don’t know most of them.

Spawning Room Speech

"A sinful aura in my church? Surely this is what I have been tasked to purify!

Finished Clearing First Room Speech / Entering Second Room

"I had hoped the tortured souls would stop easily in the narthex, but I believe the confessional chamber will set them right."

Finished Second Room Speech / Entering Third Room

"Lord Oryx, hear my prayer! As they work through the nave, lead these mistaken sinners to your light!"

WIP sorry for a lot of these unfinished works


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