O3 Miniboss Solo Difficulty Rankings


What’s your rankings for miniboss difficulty for a solo?
Mine is from easiest to hardest, Dammah, Leucoryx, Beisa and Gemsbok.

Dammah is the easiest since its really not a hard fight, especially miasma since theres no pvp.
Leucoryx is second easiest since its pretty easy, but harder than Dammah since it has orbs and in a solo its somewhat troublesome to deal with.
Beisa is second hardest since it chases you, can corner and kill you pretty easily and the amount of shots and slow in the fight is pretty difficult to handle.
Gemsbok is the hardest since its the only miniboss I haven’t been able to solo successfully yet, without decoys it will keep spamming shots at you cornering you into bombs and half the time he wont go where you want, meaning its hard to get damage on him before he teleports again and you need to push in somewhere else with the limited time you have before he teleports away again. The boss fight is just a flurry of shots, but one you get past the first two thirds of the fight, the latter third is much easier but its still a very difficult fight.


While the only one I have had a chance to solo so far is Dammah, I expect my order would be Leuc, Dammah, Beisa, Gems. Only because I find Leuc’s phases to be a little more consistent than Dammah and you don’t have to deal with his green portal phase. Hardest thing I could think for Leuc is in 2/4th phase if an orb comes in from the opposite side of you there isn’t much you can do.

Gems is awful without decoys.


Depends how you’re restricted

For example petless (hardest to easiest)

No restrictions


From easiest to hardest:

Personally I just never do well with chase bosses in particular, if anyone wonders why I put Beisa as the hardest.

Honestly the other 3 are very close contenders in terms of difficulty and I feel like my list would be constantly swapping their positions just cuz it’s lowkey hard to really rank them when they all feel roughly the same difficulty:

Leuc is pretty straightforward especially once you understand how to do the counters which you’d have a high chance of getting when solo. Sometimes I willingly let an orb go to him when I hate the current attack (like the throwing light orb attack in phase 3) just to see it refresh. It’s probably slower but it feels faster to me.

Dammah…most bullet hell orientated boss but as an extreme bullet hell fan, I’ve learned to adapt with him the most. That video I recorded of me soloing the tester Dammah on YouTube is actually my very first blind attempt, simply love bullet hell stuff.

Gemsbok is rather annoying and can be dangerous at some points. But hey, that’s what mist is for right? Mist solves all your problems on a whim, so even on a melee this boss is a pushover thanks to that <3


I mean, Beisa’s at least a hybrid between the two. Some of his movement is set, some are Circle around the player.

(Really though, of all the things to find difficult, it’s dealing with chasing? That’s a little embarrassing, Moddy =w=")


Oiiii everyone has an Achilles Heel, this happens to be mine, no bulli


i get what you mean, i personally don’t find straight chases hard but if you add in a bit off random movement to the boss i can no longer deal with it. Especially if you add things like birds and the minions adding unpredictability.
Ive been playing the binding of issac alot (over 100 hours now) and i still really struggle with the very very beginner spiders and its upgrades because i just cant predict how its going to chase me (or i cant react in time which is why i also am really bad at the jump chase phase in o3)


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