O3 Soulbound


So, I’ve just done an o3 and I’ve not gotten soulbound, somehow. What exactly is the requirement on O3 to secure soulbound damage?


i guesstimate ~1% (edit: prob less than this, ppl convinced me below. maybe 0.1%-0.5%) of total dmg dealt

note it’s NOT % of maxHP, which means you should take 1% * maxHP-of-o3-at-start-of-fight, to be safe in terms of hitting sb)

(real answer: nobody knows for sure)


Maybe couple thousands. Also, what equips did you use for that O3?


thats too high imo, ive gotten sb in 2 minute o3s with t0 items, with just tops you could hit it in its death phase only and get loot


pretty sure this isnt true and you need to hit sb pre death phase to get loot but ill have to double check

for the 1% it’s a random guess, have to do some testing but what do u think it is?


1% sounds far too much.

Think of e.g. a battle with 75 people. Suppose 25 of those are wizards and do 2x as much damage as the other 50. So 25 wizards do 50% of the damage, 2% each. The other 50 do 50% damage, 1% each, and many barely scape or just miss out of the threshold is 1%.

In practice the gaps are much wider. Some classes just have the ability to do massive damage. Some players have the experience to maximise how much damage they can do by getting in close enough more. So in a large group many maybe most will do well below 1% of the damage.

It used to be easy to miss out on SB if you weren’t one of the people doing top damage, but it’s easy now to qualify. I can e.g. just turn up at the Avatar when he announces his final phases, get in a few seconds damage with my hardly top DPS wand, and get SB. A few enemies just damaging them in the last phase seems not to get you SB – the Keyper is one I’ve noticed. But generally you do a little damage at any time you’ll get SB.


bearing in mind that it’s been years since I’ve heard this, and that I can’t remember exactly where I heard it and idk if I’m even allowed to be saying it, my guess is that it’s something like 0.1%, 0.05% or even 0.01%. it’s extremely low, but I guess O3 would have an insane amount of hp so maybe you can’t count on the “I ‘participated’ so I get loot” mindset that sb thresholds are supposed enable.


well i mean i did this without shooting any guards (true gamer^tm)

and if i remember correctly i went in on 0 phases post celest because i was on hotel wifi playing from china
then again with armorbreak a t0 staff can do thousands of damage and i doubt youd need more than 10k regardless of scaling
maybe ill try to hit sb on only death phase the next o3 i do with tops


seems like a decently thicc run, was this like a 30-40 finish?

thank ur ive been too lazy / forgetful to try xd

:sus: make sure u dont get arrested for playing rotmg


that run was too long ago for me to remember it but i think it was around 40ish

i literally was just starting celestial just now in a 20 man when i was like ‘ohno i forgot to test’ Next Time For Sure
but i mean i got glad guard on my pally npe so B)

too late :pensive:


i remembered to this time !! trio o3 during event, only shot death phase with pally buff. (and a single extra accidental shot because of habit)

ill upload the vid to bilibili since i cant use yt in china and edit in the link when its done
E: full vid https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18f4y1F77D


dangg thx for testing, ok my memory bad then. maybe i remembered it was for void chest (inb4 wrong about that too lul) sry i doubted u @herwin


apparently neither of them was like hard blasting the death phase so id guess i did 50% of it or 15k, still a significant amount
i could go count my damage in the clip real quick, nothing better to do rn

E: Did ~10000 dmg out of 693k


rip thats over 1% so doesnt prove stufs but i still believe ppl saying its lower are correct


yeah if i had a brain i wouldve just shot it for like 1k but i am not do the smart


Ayo?! Fellow Chinese Realmer? UwU