O3 Training (this time for real) - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



Oh shit let’s go


Oh shit here we go again



dunno about you guys tho


Gettin the same thing, i usually use steam but i downloaded the standard client to try to get testing


Testing is now open!
However, unlike previous, unrestricted sessions, you will have to do Sanctuaries via clearing Realms.
Make sure to grab an inc from the box! All Runes will be automatically unlocked once you defeat Oryx 2 in the Wine Cellar.




(I didn’t use the new launcher for testing)


I cant get in


Are you using the new launcher?


trying to update it but it keeps failing last second (using the new launcher) no clue what’s wrong. don’t know how to manually remove the build either.


It appears that the download link for the testing launcher has disappeared from DECA’s announcement. Perhaps they are updating it?

Regardless, here is the link they posted on discord: https://test.realmofthemadgod.com/


u need to disable all antivirus programs and maybe run as administrator