unrelated shield, but sadly your “opinion” is practically void at this point so there is no point continuing this






0 hp and 0 atk exalt across your whole account tells everything.


Eh, that crap is hard. Besides, exaltation farming is not a measure of anything… EXCEPT sweatiness and addiction.


while it being a measure of sweatiness and addiction may be true… it’s a measure of skill too, which you obviously lack


Saying that is like saying you use a magic stone for healing instead of going to the hospital because your doctor is a sweaty tryhard lol
Your comment is a measure of you either being a troll or just incredibly short-sighted, mentally. I don’t know which one is worse


That is an…interesting comment. Perhaps you miss the point of the game which is to have fun.


I don’t think that the word skill is suitable for your purposes. I’d use the word obsession because that is what it takes to complete one of those two. A skill is something that is meaningful and that brings value to others. I will add though that through the use of discord, I am close to being able to complete the shatters if that means anything to a bigwig like you!


you say skill isn’t an applicable word for being good at rotmg, then you try to defend your said skill by saying you almost completed the shatters. lol


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