The shield of ogmur is overrated and people only use it for the +40 hp and + 2 def: change my mind.


It’s great as a swapout for when stuff is stun immune, for when another Knight or Knights is providing stuns, or when armour break is more important than stun.

Hard to think of a good example for the third use case as stuff with high DEF tends to be stun immune anyway which is the first main use, but the first and second uses come up very often.


one of the few armor breaking items, how is it overrated in the slightest


By few you mean 2? xD


Is there another meaning of few?


Who cares about armor break.


crystallised fang venom mains dealing 1 damage per shot without armour break hating on ogmur. wearing ogmur is all about the drip because everyone knows it looks dope af


If they removed armor break but gave it an additional +40 hp and +2 def I would be happy.


Nah? It literally helps to steamroll any dungeon on a group. Nowadays, you can just perma stun with 1 knight, what’s the use for the other knights since it doesn’t stack? you armor break the shit out of it. Bro is talking about armor break which is one of the rarest ability to get in ROTMG, while there are abilities that only slows or do damage without adding any elemental damage. It’s not overrated since not many people own it in the first place, making it a good item to bring on any dungeon, not to mention that +40hp and +2 def is definitely one of the best, if not the best stat for an ability in the the game.


It’s only overrated if everyone are using it + other UTs that can AB (aside CFang Venom but rare as well).


Just my opinion. People do so much damage that you’re realistically only cutting the time to kill by 2 or 3 seconds. I prefer survivability above all else. And the poison armor break does not require you to be within 3 tiles to land it. Deca if you are listening please take away armor break from the ogmur and give me my extra +40 hp and +2 def, thanks!


|t depends on the situation. Stone Guardians the battle can take half as long with armour break as suddenly classes like bow classes, staff classes that have poor per-shot damage are 100% effective, and getting in damage reliably because of range.

Avatar is another where it can go much more quickly with armour break as classes that normally struggle to do damage play a full part. Again these are often classes with higher range, who able to overcome the Avatar’s high DEF can contribute fully.

Other than that there are enemies which you need to hit with barrels or destroy pillars to reduce their DEF; armour break can bypass that.

Those are the most extreme examples, but amour break can make a difference in many other situations, where enemies have a little more DEF, and where some players are using bows, staves, or some other multi-shot weapon/ability that is poor against high DEF.




Take a boss with 3M HP, 50 DEF (~MBC w/ 50 player hp scaling)

Roughly assume everyone is doing ~3200 DPS (taken across average of all classes with WC tops)
With 50 people that would be: 160k DPS (again, very rough estimate ignoring ALL invuln phases)
=19 seconds blasting a 3M HP 0 DEF boss with no invuln phases

Everyone is doing ~2400DPS
With 50 people that would be: 120k DPS
=25 seconds blasting a 3M HP 50 DEF boss with no invuln phases

Saves roughly a quarter of the time if you were hitting a stationary, non attacking enemy. When you include needing high DPS to push through phases quickly and having to dodge & survive (which itself takes away DPS and therefore more time), armor break is undoubtedly useful when usable… for an actual MBC fight the time save would be in the area of one to a few minutes


A whole 6 seconds, wow! Being within 3 tiles of MBC every 3 seconds for 5 minutes is totally worth it then!


6 seconds out of 25, but “one to a few minutes” saved from MBC as @Reapermann wrote.

I don’t know if you’re just fed up from never getting Ogmur, but you really seem not to have much idea how much of an impact it has.


The shield of flowing clarity is better than ogmur imo


In terms of drip it is probably the best.


people who have complex thought


jeez bro, even with me mentioning its a simulation for a 3 mil hp chest not including any aspects of a boss fight like 3 times, you still somehow fail to recognize that and therefore my whole point. congrats