Old Rotmg theme song randomly returned?


Since the beginning of using Exalt, the default theme for every dungeon was the “Streams” theme until the other day, when every dungeon theme (I think? Besides ones with dedicated music) was replaced by the original Sorcerer’s Tower rotmg theme again. Anyone else confused by this as well?

honestly im kinda tired of the old theme song, the calm one for harder or just aesthetically fitting dungeons felt nice

Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

That was definitely announced somewhere iirc. It wasn’t random at all.


Tried looking everywhere, as in two posts, couldn’t find anything lul


I heard this was a massive project (naturally), but I can’t say I like the original theme in the dungeons. I wouldn’t mind it as a main menu theme or in a revamped arena if that ever happens, but yeah, until more diversified tunes are created, I liked that temporarily used ambience theme they had in the dungeons.

Honestly, I’m curious on others thoughts. Where would you all stick the original theme, given the choice (Lets assume its not removed, for any of you that might not care for it)?

This is too broad for a mere poll… so… yeah…


The first thing I think of when I try to imagine the OG theme in the game now is having it play as the game credits rolled or at the start menu, but neither of those are an option. So if it had to actually go somewhere in the game, I would say maybe bnexus, tutorial, or the arena if that’s ever brought back. Or there’s the evil option of sticking it in cland.


That’s because it wasn’t announced.


The other week I went into a spider pit and was so excited because it was the only dungeon to my knowledge that had the original theme still, but because it was the only place, it felt special and nostalgic.


Battle Nexus makes it really fitting I’d say^^



this would however legitimate a project of mine called ‘‘candyland huntinggrounds radio’’


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