Omg this video is hilarious!


I found this video on youtube while randomly scrolling around and I died laughing! A 10/10 in humor in my opinion! ESPECIALLY THE ICE CAVE EVENT PART xD


I cracked up pretty good as well while watching this for the first time.


ehh not bad.

like how used after effects, i use that when im not lazy


this reminded me that the creator of sponge bob died today, at 57 rip.


he passed away yesterday, not today. news sources only published the death today


This was gold, hoping for more sooner or later


if you pause for a single frame between 4:08 and 4:09 you can see something epic


I saw that ogmur waifu as well. After about 3 mins of trying to pause it lol.


You can use . to go forward 1 frame and , to go back one frame. Makes it a whole lot easier


Ohh wow! NEVER would have guessed period and comma were single frame tools on YouTube!



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