On the new testing server


How do you get to spawn stuff?


you’re not supposed to be able to, so it doesn’t matter

you do it with an item, but they’ve all been removed


welp that’s a y i k e s


Wait so how do you run high level dungeons and actually test out the gear?


awww ): people spawning stuff was the best part of testing


Yeah! Not being able to log onto the Testing Servers because of the immense overspawn was great! It really helped in testing out the new content by not allowing us to play at all!

@Chennitoa After a couple of requests, Apples of Semi Maxening were added in a box.
You can consume them to become level 20, get a backpack, and are effectively twenty of all stat pots (meaning you get both your level up stat boosts, and 20 of each stat (100 for HP and MP) on top of that).

High level dungeons, you’d need either some keys from previous PT sessions, or just play in Realms.


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