Opinion: The nerfs and changes might be bearable, but have no place without fights being rebalanced


The kind of changes Deca is making greatly change the dynamics of nearly every endgame fight. In particular, enemies that had been made with group purification in mind are ridiculously annoying now because of the status effect spam. I am sure these fights can be challenging without sicken and silence shots in every nook and cranny of the game.

From my experience on public testing, O3 minibosses minus Beisa are ridiculously difficult with the constant sicken. Mind you: I am perfectly fine without healing, it’s the sicken spam that bothers me. I feel like this kind of content was designed with the presence of puris, and not rebalancing them to work in a puri-less world would result in a half-cooked update.

This is just one aspect of combat dynamics being affected that I noticed most. Daggers, for example, are now grossly underpowered. I earnestly hope Deca realizes that the changes they’re planning would be devastating if they are considered in a vacuum. Please make sure the game is updated so as for the changes to make sense.

Edit: Just to clarify, I DON’T think the status effect immunity is good enough. It’s lazy on its own; actually rework the fights. That idea is not inherently bad, but on its own is like trying to reconfigure a machine with sticky tape.


Never actually tried the beisa fight, so I can’t actually agree with you, but this is something that could be brought up as a topic for feedback on testing (specifically, which bosses might want slight ajustments to them).
In line with this, I also feel like unpurifiable status affects should be removed with the puri nerf.


And allow players to bring Holy Water to O3 and just outheal him again? The Silenced aura was implemented with a very good reason, and it’s not Purification.

I think that while there are certainly some bosses or specific phases that may require a few tweaks to be more fair, there’s…not a lot of them where I can say “yeah, this was balanced around group purification spam”.
If anything, I’m more than glad that that type of design is no longer needed going forward - after all, Endless Torment’s purification is quite context-reliant.

I honestly wouldn’t bee opposed to disabling MBC’s towers for certain phases though, ngl


Would you not say that about the O3 minibosses and MBC?


The O3 minibosses are mostly fine - yes, this includes Dammah. The Miasma phase specifically was centered around actively avoiding the sick shots.
Leucoryx is (still) the one that might need a few tweaks due to just the general chaos of the fight.
I can’t say much about Yemsbor Gemsbok, as I just don’t have a lot of experience with him.

MBC…eh. I really do want the status effect spam in there to be reduced, regardless of purification spam. I don’t think it’s necessarily balanced around it (as that would be an incredibly silly thing to do imo), but a slight decrease in the amount wouldn’t hurt the fight’s difficulty that much.


I agree that Dammah’s miasma phase should have sicken! That feels like conscious, balanced design imo and not simply spam. I do think sicken outside of that phase can take a break.
The new Gemsbok is a bit insane for me. It’s not that it’s just very difficult - Leucoryx is too, I just can’t tell what’s going on in Gemsbok. He throws status effect bombs everywhere and hits you with confuse, which I don’t personally agree with.

Also, I should clarify that I am not against fights being made more difficult. Nor am I vying for fights to be plainly easier. I think the way difficulty is achieved is important, and feel that status effect spam is the wrong way to go about it.


Beisa is probably the easiest one in a small group imo, and the sickens on most bosses are dodged by:
Dammah: Don’t smack him sometimes and dodge the green
Gemsbok: Dodge the AoEs and the shotguns
Leucoryx: This fight is BS


The newest set of update spoilers indicates that a lot of status effect durations (not necessarily amount) will be reduced across high level dungeons, and blind will be removed from the Void specifically. While gaps in implementation still exist in my opinion, I am grateful that the devs will work towards this general direction. I hope future communication of changes are supplemented with information of important counter-changes like these.