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why do you keep telling me???
it was @DeeBomb who asked for it


Fine I’ll stop drawing so late at night and make sure I’m not half asleep first. :sweat_smile:


I love it! :slight_smile:



couldn’t sleep, here’s oryx



couldn’t sleep again, here’s craig


That’s probably my favorite addition to this thread thus far. Love it!


What if oryx is really craig in disguise???


So what you’re suggesting is Craig in armour…


no, I’m just saying that craig could actually be oryx. Craig could put armor on an put a mask on to look exactly like that, so it could be possible. Has anyone ever seen craig and oryx in the same room?


Craig has different colour eyes. Plus, uh, the lack of arms and legs would make it hard to swing a sword.


1 word: he uses a robot suit


that’s 5 words


fixed it


here’s one word:





Me changing styles literally every single picture:




Yes, I know I’ve drawn the knight several times already. :wink:

I did make a background for this one, but, uh, I don’t like how it turned out. I’m gonna post it here regardless. thanks to Campfires for some help on this one. (:


I did also use a way smaller brush for the line art part, which I prefer a lot since I could detail much easier. I’ll probably do that more often now. :slight_smile:


it’d probably help if you added something that tied the knight to the background rather than simply placing one over the other, like a shadow! for example, in all 3 of my mermaid drawings I didn’t just plonk mermaid-me onto the background, there’s also a mostly transparent gradient on top of the character that’s the same color as the water background. it’s subtle and the less observant among you may not have even noticed, but it makes a bigger impact than you’d realize. that particular example wouldn’t apply here because there’s no visible light source (although now that I’ve said that a super faint yellow might help), but the idea is that you’d change something to tie the two together instead of simply placing one over the other.


I know my response is kind of late by now, but thanks. It’s always good to have someone else remind you there’s a way to improve. It’s the little things I always forget :sweat_smile:

This is correct, I actually did the knight first and then just added the path/trees as an afterthought. I’ll keep this in mind for next time.

forgot to shade apparently lol

Almost like adding a filter to the finished product. Again, the little things that I don’t consider adding until I realise later lol


My search history may or may not now be filled with anime art tutorials.

Anyway, here’s another drawing of Xaklor’s avatar. I’m happy with how it turned out :slight_smile:

Started out as just practise, but I didn’t like the lack of details so I upped the canvas size (my phone didn’t like that) and did it properly. This is probably the first time I set out to properly draw a portrait of a character (yes, the hair was kinda hard to figure out), so all things considered I think it turned out pretty well! :+1:


pls dont die on me thread

Art might be coming soon, but I just haven’t gotten round to it, aside from small practise bits and pieces. I did get a drawing tablet, so I expect some slightly higher quality art than usual will be on its way.

once I figure out how to properly use it. I’m going from finger painting to having to actually try :sweat_smile: