Orsome's very serious art thread


Oh you hadn’t seen it yet? :sweat_smile: well I’m glad you like it!






hear me out here, when I’m not busy ill keep drawing


I have finished wilhuffs piece, I’ll continue with requests here.


Since you ignored my request, I want you to draw my mystic (I’m on my phone so I cant send a picture of it, please go to my characters page https://www.realmeye.com/player/LudwiGa )


I didn’t ignore it, like I said I was busy at the time. I’m working on catching up now.




@Orsome I kind of want to see your “unserious art” because the tips you gave me makes it seem you can drawing something “unserious”. You know what I mean? Draws me a demented horse wew https://www.france24.com/en/20191018-nicolas-de-stael-painting-of-football-match-sold-for-record-20-million-euros
Image result for i will buy your entire stock


Wait how did I suggest that I draw ‘unserious’? :sweat_smile:


I love Nicolas de Stael. Seriously, I look at his arts everyday.




You asked for this.




giddyup motherfuckers


Lmao I suppose I did in a way…




fuck i haven’t drawn anything new yet


I request a drawing of 1.5 KENDO STICKS pls, you will be paid in the 1.5 kendo sticks that you creat



Pay up, buckaroo.
even 8/8 ninja cannot resist the kendo stick.