Pass or Steal giveaway (8 Decas) [Closed]


I’m doing a giveaway with a total prize pool of 8 Decas, however the amount of winners there will be is determined by the community. 8 people could win 1 Deca, 1 person could win 8, or any mixture in between. To enter it is quite simple, just comment “Entry” followed by either “Pass” or “Steal”. (One entry per person)

I will randomize a list and then I will start at the top of the list. If you comment pass, you will take one Deca, and the rest will be passed down the list to the person below you. If you comment steal, you will attempt to steal all the remaining Decas. There is a catch however, if the person below you also comments steal, you will both get nothing, and the same goes for the person after them. In order to successfully steal, the people above and below you both need to comment pass. In the rare case that everyone comments steal, the person at the bottom of the list will be rewarded all 8 decas.

So what will it be? Will you be nice/safe and pass the Decas along, or will you risk attempting to steal all of them for yourself?

If anyone has any questions on the rules, please feel free to ask me to clarify. This giveaway will end Sunday at some point, I’m not sure when I’ll be home.


entry pass

interesting format for a giveaway, but I think it might favor people who speak up first unless I’m reading it wrong >:]


Entry Pass.


I forgot to mention that the list will be randomized. I won’t just be going in order of posts


Entry pass


That’s kind of a huge deal wtf


Entry steal


Yeah that’s my bad, thanks for helping me catch it so early. Feel free to change your pass/steal if you want


Entry Steal


Entry Pass


Entry Steal


Entry pass


Entry pass


Entry Pass


ENTRY PASS :slight_smile:


entry pass


Entry pass


entry pass


Entry Steal


Entry Pass :kissing: