Patch - Security update - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



If you, or anyone near you have been affected by ‘keying’, please report to us by sending screenshots / video links of the incident so we can investigate.

How do you expect me to take a screenshot of that? If I took the time to examine the portal, then I didn’t get keyed. If you can’t verify it for yourself, you probably shouldn’t be addressing it that way.


Almost forgot why I came here. Anyone know how to launch the game without the Launcher?

“No Access Token specified. Please restart the game.” (same way I was doing it yesterday)

Edit: Muledump after update


Suicide time


Minor note, but here ‘of’ should be ‘off’.


you… scroll up in chat

there’ll be oryx/stone guardians talking with a key pop after, it’s not that complicated


That’s hardly proof. Where was the key popped? Could have been anywhere and all they can do is take the word of whoever is reporting it.



Typo fixed! Thanks


They can’t be sure that it was popped maliciously this way therefore no proof, no punishment.


Everyone get your free mystery box! Two rolls, they can be ST chest shards or maybe even a full chest if you’re lucky.


I would hope you’ve figured it out, but for now you have to use the launcher to log in and play. Kind of abnoxius.


just liked your post cuz you forgot why you came here :joy: