Patch 1.4 - Unleashing the Summoner - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



Let’s goooooo!!!

“Finally, we have rolled out the biggest anti-bot measures ever in the history of the Realm. This gives us more and better tools to work with in the next couple of weeks to make sure those pesky little buggers don’t bug you again. The bots will not magically disappear but we will keep on working on improving these measures. We feel enthusiastic about them and hope you will also see the difference!”

I don’t have a high hope on this but if it worked, it will be a miracle. If it failed, I wouldn’t be mad b/c those bots are hard to tackle with in the 1st place.


Still not a fan of deaths being in notifications. That’s like a core aspect of the game being removed.


Thanks for the 50+ doggos running around on screen looking like enemies that I can’t kill. We really needed more BS on screen that can’t be removed. Like ally shot projectiles.


you can disable them in options


“And here we have the 3 wand classes”

New guy: What’s different about them?

“Well one heals the group, another does high DPS as long as you have mana and dodge, and that guy just shoots cool lightning”


broken since last year Ally Hit Particles


yeah there’s a big difference between shots and particles


I’d say it’s not a core aspect. Notifications being put in the chat still has the potential to clog it up sometimes - see key spammers in Nexus during PTs, for instance (obviously a bit of an exception, but I’m sure it gets my point across).

On the other hand, I do agree that being unable to easily scroll up in chat and see in which phase someone died, for instance, is quite annoying.
On the plus side, I managed to convince Fidelow to give the portal-opened notification a color that’s based the most prevalent color of the portal, giving each key pop a bit of flair :3


Free pack, y’all

Not yet, but it will probably be soon.


Did they also release the spider/crystal rewards yet?



Yes. Not the vault chest yet though, as far as I know.


So excited. Can’t wait to play. It’s been way to long.


This is a huge update, wow! I still have hardly played since the reconstruction started, I will have to get back on soon.


Hmmmm was it in the shop?


Nope, it’s at the tinkerer. You trade in those shards that were used for the oryx mark quests.


Ah I see. Dope I’ll check it out later, thanks for the info!