Patch X.31.4.0


Yeah there is nothing to spend fame on and who tf spends gold on a shitty quest


Lmao u trying to get yourself beaned?


Don’t talk about that here, not only do you participate in one unsavory behavior but both? You disgust me.


Yo you got that gud kush?
(As for the update I’m very pleased)
Edit: 3/12/19 8:09 PM

I am not happy boi.


Now that’s a fast turtle.


Heck yeah it is, I just wish I had a scutum to go with it since it gives 2 speed


Don’t know if this is intentional, but you can get partial stat bonuses without being the specific class.
I.E. my trickster can gain bonuses from apiary items.
Also: You can have 2 set bonuses at the same time, like here:


I think that’s like, the entire point of it.


Now only if your character sprite slowly turned into the 16x16 as you collected the pieces

(as cool as that would be, way too much work)


hol up






ok im done ;p


Forgive my bad I have class soon picture


someone just make a whole thread made out of these please

Cursed Sprites





I won’t be surprised if my skin is in the next update


If its not available anymore why is it still there?


Appears the game just got a small update (X.31.4.1):





For new update see: Patch X.31.5.0 - The Machine & Ninja ST Set!