Pet kills


If anyone could help…

Does your pet kills counts as your kills?

i.e. if my pet kills a cube do i lose ‘cube bonus’ (my only real concern)


Your pet does not count towards your kills.

I just tested it in the last couple of minutes, I let my pet kill 4 cubes and no change to my Cube Kill stats:


@Nevov do you remember if your pet’s damage counts towards your SB or not? I remember there was some contention over that.


I believe it does not count for your sb, I think there were YT vids of pets soloing bosses, and the player got no mark.

Edit: a simple test is the “HP” chest from Guill in Guild Hall, if you let your pet solo it, it drops nothing.


cool thanks, would be a bit harsh if they did i was thinking


This is a bit strange in my opinion because it drops in a public bag


If pet damage counted towards SB, the chest would still drop.
When the game has nobody to allocate the loot to, you get nothing. If that helps with understanding!


Fun fact: Even though your pet cube kills don’t count towards your kills, the cubes still drop pirate caves when your pet kills them (no player damage required)

Which means you could let your pet solo both a sphinx and a tomb that could drop from that sphinx.


Pet kills do not count towards monster kills. However killing blocks (with your own weapon) does count towards monster kills.


The pets NOT CONTRIBUTING to your SB and are able to steal your loot has been a bone of contention since they first were able to do damage. Its one of those things Quality of Life that I would love to see fixed.


Although if we do 0% damage to something, do we deserve anything? :thinking:
I like to imagine the pet seeing its own little sb bag “Yippee I got a white bag!” that only the pet can see. :smiley:


This makes me think… if you were to duo a dungeon that guarantees pots to two players and your pet does sb damage on the boss, can you miss out on the pot as well?
In cult can someones pet get vial?


No and no.
It’s only if the game sees (nobody) when it is assessing the loot drops that it pays out nothing in these situations.

The game doesn’t count pet dmg as soulbound, so the pet can’t actually earn the loot. It just takes away from other people potentially qualifying.

So in the duo example you give, if the pet does a lot of dmg it could be that one player misses out because of it (say the boss has 5000HP, player 1 does 2500, a pet does 2400, player 2 only does 100 - this might not be enough for player 2 to secure their own loot).

In the Cult example it would only be if absolute nobody did sb damage themselves. As soon as any player X does enough sb dmg, their name is entered into the loot lottery, even if nobody else or pets do the rest of the dmg that’s still going to grant the the Vial to player X.


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