Pixie Drop Rate


Been doing nothing but candyland for about 12 hours straight. I have been ignoring all of the other enemies besides the unicorns so that I can get a pixie faster. I have gotten 11 Candy coated armors and not a single pixie sword. Am i super unlucky or is this st seem more rare than the others or something? All the other STs I feel drop pretty easily. I’m getting ice cave ogmur ptsd atm sorry for the lowkey rant lmao I just figured this would be a lot easier and want to see if others have an issue with getting these. I have never tried grind this item out before


You never get the item you grind for, proven facts. Unless you can get something to distract you. This is because you only notice how little you’re getting of whatever when you actually want it.


It is rarer than other STs, it has to be. If the drop rates were like other STs then it would be too easy to complete the set as you can farm the bosses almost continuously, dozens per hour. Just spend a few hours in there and you would have the set.

It’s possibly worse since they changed the dungeon. They stopped people blocking boss spawning, and boosted the rate at which bosses spawn. So you see bosses even more often. It makes sense to make the drops even stingier (though I have no evidence of this having gotten no ST drops since the change).


yeah it makes sense. i’ll keep going for it maybe i’ll get it eventually lmao


This all seems to be pure speculation. As far as I’m concerned OP’s just experiencing seriously bad luck. However, Pixie being specifically rarer than other parts of the set seems plausible. In some sets, particularly the venomous assassin set, the ring is by far the hardest to obtain despite all the Trooms being done (perhaps to compensate for the fact that multiple Trooms can spawn in a snake pit). But the same can’t be said for Pixie, since all the parts of the set can be gathered in the exact same method… so it’s not likely.

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It is speculation wrt Pixie, but other items like pots and rings seems rarer per boss, so it makes sense if Pixie is too. So it’s no harder to get – it on average take as long. But each boss has a lower chance to drop it.


this is ridiculous but i feel like ive invested too much time to give up now lol 14 hours 12 ccs 0 swords. wish i counted how many gigacorns i did


All bosses Cland bosses have their own separate drop tables. The only ST the unicorn drops is pixie. Bosses drop different potions too.


Sounds really monotonous. You need a break dude


yeah ill sleep soon and get back to it later


16 hours in i finally fucking got it 13 ccs thank the lord i can finally sleep lmfao


Time to finally attempt some challenge videos never got to it cause I was too lazy but sounds really fun


Gz. (OP probably you know this, but stating it for anyone casually browsing) it is Deca’s stated plan to have the newest ST set for every class be at a lower drop rate, to then increase when in the future they release a newer set for that class. And this is paladin’s current newest ST set, so fits in with it being very low drop rates.

PS. saying it like you did, in comparison to how many CCs you got, is a good way to judge its rate for others, so thanks.


Yeah I’d say it’s like same as the rarer event white drop rates seem but could just be super bad luck too


And this is correct, the phenomenon is known as “confirmation bias” which is well researched:



I had to buy like 3 keys actually


Actually it is 1/230 (1 per 4 candy’s in all)