Please Fix Servers DECA


RANT!! Just lost my 7/8 (1 hp till 8/8 so I didn’t bother) mystic because of a their laggy servers, completely away from the LOD boss and it looked like Casper smacked the fuck out of me cause I died out of thin air. Very slight rubberbanding every few seconds like it usual does then poof, you’re dead. Rip my only Conflict and Amulet of Drakefyre


If the server fucked up then everyone would have lagged, not just you.

Also if you start lagging too hard, just close the game. LoD bosses can and will hit you pretty much anywhere in the room (especially considering that physical obstacles like pillars don’t exist during lag).


That’s exactly what I did, I close the game after 4 seconds of the lag to prevent any death, I couldn’t escape it this time


And yes, everyone was lagging considering that chat was filled with the usual, ‘Fix your fucking servers DECA’. Have no idea if I was the only one who died. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the server lag especially at Oryx


I agree Im lagging too, my 6/8 nearly died.


In that case that’s really a shitty way to die and I’m sorry for your loss. I just don’t know if that’s still people fucking up the servers on purpose or if it’s the servers that are being trash.

On a side note, my own setup is so bad that I’m generally not aware of server lag unless everyone else says in chat they’ve just experienced the same lagspike as I did.


Have no idea. Honestly i’m not mad that I died but that I died and it wasn’t my fault; at the end of the day it’s still just a game and everything I can re-get so it’s whatever. This is just more of Public Service Announcement that yes, this can happen to you so once you start lagging CLOSE YOUR FUCKING GAME AFTER 3 SECONDS. It should prevent you not dying most of the time but if you get unlucky like me then, rip


Not sure what server he personally played on, but i can vouch for recent server wide lag spikes. Being an avid useast player, I can tell you that I get a 2 min DC on the transistion to oryx’s castle about 5-6 times per day, with about 3-4 Server lag spikes (everyone yells lag) happening per day as well usually. One thing ive noticed is that it seems to lag in the later hours of the timezone, my guess was maybe some behind the scenes work could be the problem or just a really bad server ping to players that might happen rarely.


It’s not just your ordinary lag spikes. Once that shit starts, it just wont end. Ever. Dungeons get completely trashed, and even whole realms. (not sure how independent those things really are). A clear sign that Kebabs have no fucking idea what the fuck they’re doing.


Deca servers have stomachs too xd, maybe they all go eat lunch together


Yea it really does suck. I still want to play after an unfortunate death but it’s hard to do anything with the constant disconnecting and running through Oryx castle every time is super sketch when that one black tile won’t load could be a brute with 5 minions ready to pop you.


No dungeon is worth losing an 8/8 to, think about it. On average it costs over 40 life to get an 8/8, you then equip your 8/8 with best equips including UT’s which you can’t put a price on. So lets say your top character is worth roughly 100 life, how likely are you to get an item in said dungeon which is worth more than 100 life? No chance.
If conditions suck just leave the dungeon/godlands and wait for things to clear up.


I think you forgot to read the part where I stated that I closed the game after 4 seconds of lagging which I always do. There is a fine line between who’s fault the problem lies i.e user or creator. DECA could be blamed for having lag at random intervals or I could be blamed that I didn’t close the game after 3 seconds or sooner but if you’re actually focusing on killing the boss or the dungeon itself then your attention isn’t focused on your surroundings so it looks like you’re lagging which usually takes about 1-2 seconds to register that, ‘Oh shit i’m lagging’ by watching the boss or minions moving in an unorthodox pattern and at that time you have maybe 1 or 2 seconds to actually close your client so it’s much easier said than done so if keeping your character means closing your client which is obviously not intended when there is a Nexus button and if the Nexus button doesn’t work than DECA is to blame that I didn’t close my client fast enough. This is just rambling and hope this does’t happen to anyone else cause no one likes when Casper slaps them with his big translucent dick to get killed by nothing.


use a friking flash player…
it reduces lag dramatically. And if that fails as well, close the darn game, if that fails too restart the darn pc!
though my worst experience with lag was when i was in shatts in second boss… almost died…


I use Steam? I don’t have lag normally until their servers started acting up. You very clearly missed this entire thread and the points I made. It’s not about the habitual lag since I don’t get any; it’s slight rubberbanding that you must of endured at some point while playing since everyone has, mostly at Oryx’s castle. I think you should go back and actually, you know, read? I pointed how how I did close the client and I said client which means I use something other than the actual website realm is on


Anyways, I read the thread… I’m sorry for your loss…
Sigh… Normally I bare the lag till it’s over (since most of the times it’s Oryx lag), but such things happen.


fp doesnt affect the quality of the server connection, only decreases the kind of lag that is caused by your cpu


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