POG PPE's (Cause I'm sad and want to make a PPE)


This one kinda sad. I took a pic and then left without picking it up lol

End of day stats

Just realized this event is borderline insane when it comes to fame. I’m not gonna get much wis/vit grinding this event but I do really want the skins. After event is over I’m gonna go max 8/8 and get some exaltations

Also no more pics of tomb whites cause forge feed wise, I’m pretty sure I’ve already gotten more then I’ll ever need on this assasin and there’s still another 2 days


Nah. can’t really stand more then a day of grinding apparently. Gonna go do normal maxing things. Hope I can find some mana!



Last piece of the set! First time getting the full set :smiley:


Oh I maxed dex at some point… don’t know when though. Might have been in a small nest?


Kinda gave up. My reward at every 10k is a craft of my choice and I chose… murky toxin (cause I was too lazy to run a lib honestly)

My next free craft is at 20k bf OR 8/8. Hopefully I hit 8/8 b4 20k base


damn got scared and nexused out of o3. I was safe but I thought I wasn’t


First o3 on this assasin. took a bad pic lol thought my mouse was over it. t15 robe btw <3
Wish it was something I could use (a t14 dagger would be really nice right now) but t15 robe hella pog too



Damn. Sick Counter into Dance into be monkey into ded


So close to 8/8 sadge


current ppe. Doing it for a knight ppe comp


which model of a mac is that im getting one this year


macbook pro 2020 13 inch


does the game run smoothly and does joining discord calls have a delay


yeah everything’s been working fine. I do run low settings but in those settings no problems. Never bothered running in higher settings cause don’t see the purpose




ppe went poof in small o3. Tanked too many arrows. they hurt