Post funny moments in-game!


what’s also interesting is the fact that he’s a dark blue star and is the leader of a guild called white stars only


@JimdaFish Fear the reaper.


I think this guy really wanted to be called lolihunter




also i already got out of the pet yard once but thanks for the pics


I love piss
(Highlight of the image)


thats nice


When you get greeted by this shit when your guild got destroyed by crashers


With New Year Approaching…

(thinks) I remembered to claim the December rewards, didn’t I? I wouldn’t have done all that only to fail on day 31 and forget to claim, would I?

Ummm… pass me that laptop quick.

OOPS, whew crisis averted.


Why that ? Many players do this, including my brother, but i just don’t understand.

If something happens, cough Bert cough, accident… you’re gonna be mad.


Why don’t you claim them immediatly?


It’s so much more satisfying to claim them all at once. Forget the practicality of doing it any other way!


Plus you get to choose a nice order for the items to appear in the gift vaults by what order you claim the days. Such as Mystery ST Shard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then Mystery ST Skin Shard 1, 2, then all the pet food, then keys together, all the loot boosters, etc.

Is it worth the risk of missing the whole month for that nice order… eeeee probably not.




took way too much effort to put this together


that moment when you tried to grab an A.S.S but getting your ass kicked instead


(Alas no graves pic, so posting in Funny rather than Death more for the lol/reactions to the deaths, think there was a 6/8 and 5/8 and a 2-or-3/8)
& no doubt many more got autonexused (O2’s HP shout is for 56 players but it was the full realm so started with someway over 85).



@shatter I think I found your evil brother.


Ah god damn’t shatees up to no good again.

I’ll try to sort him out, apologies on my behalf it’s not entirely his fault though he’s always being badly influenced by his delinquent friends. :frowning: