Post funny moments in-game!


Instant karma by killing Rock Dragon.



When Japan gets 666666 alive fame LOL. Did notice my real name was baring out, but my actual name will be secret forevermore.


Real name =/= actual name???


Um… I meant to say my Chinese name LOL.


Edit: Credit to @pentaract




I did not intentionally steal his post because it was great, I swear


seems legit

hover over the item so that the tooltip shows, then hotkey switch





Old pic but funny =)

this enough flex for you twitchy?


I can’t even. How.




I followed a small group of new players into Oryx to heal them. It was interesting to see they chose to clear stone guardian’s through middle (although it makes sense since most people also clear the first wall before the bridge in the middle too).


If I’m in a tiny group (or soloing), literally every time I ask that we go through the middle/left, and start by attacking the red statue first. Just because I’m psychotic. And hey, they’ve always consented, somehow!
I wonder how this game would look if all veterans stepped away at one for a couple days and the new players had to figure out everything in there own…


Hey what if we stood ABOVE Skuld.


You know, by no means am I an end game player (:droplet:), but I love shaking things up like that, even if it’s “slightly more risky”. I’ve even gotten others to follow suite, like in tiny Oryx/Janus runs with different paths, killing statues in opposite order, etc!
As another example, I remember back when I’d used to be one of the only ones running spins in the MT when all of the turrets were shooting during his invincible phases, and everyone would retreat except me. They’d all be jeering at me or something until I was drawing his heavy fire from behind him during his final stages for them. Back before people knew how to fight him, anyway.
I could get bored with normal routines sometimes. Just going around breaking trends. Good times.