Post funny moments in-game!


What is the context for this?


I threaten say that i am going to chain a forest maze after crystal, and the unmaxed necro leveler says that.


Biggest sandman convention I have seen in a fair while! Sadly didn’t get the screenshot before a few others started to mow them down, but it was quite the party.

Edit: also saw a decent sized construct convention a week or so ago that I never got around to sharing:

RIP that trickster :frowning:


maybe not so funny, but as today it is father’s day where I live, thought it was a good idea to post this ‘tribute’


Today I witnessed the birth of 200 new spam bots. Get ready to re-ignore in every server all over again!


Looks like a cult gathering XD

Funny enough, I saw ZuZu post a small video of another multi perusing the nexus. I’m actually a little concerned, despite the blast from the past.


the virgin lotl vs the chad beer god


More people teleported in, and everyone began to circle what they dubbed “the cactus god”


i cant die :smile:


That comment didn’t age too well XD



Ah, to risk crossing with cstaff.


When you smash a spider and 200 more appear


I know these rings are quite common, but 3 in a single nest is laughable



How to Form a Cult 101 - The Basics (ft. Demonseye)

(TIP: Click the image for full view if you can’t see some parts.)

STEP 1: Meet with your partner(s).

STEP 2: Come up with unique ideas to get attention.

STEP 3: Discuss your ideas with your partner(s).

STEP 4: Execute the idea.

STEP 5: Gain attention.

STEP 6: Give the people a good idea of what you’re trying to do.

STEP 7: Confusing them also works, as it will make them curious.

STEP 8: Lay out a solid foundation for building on.

STEP 9: Establish superiority and make sure others know about it.

STEP 10: Sympathize with others during dark times.

STEP 11: Having a large group of people submit to you results in everyone submitting to you. Urge people to bow down no matter what the cost.

STEP 12: Remember to grow the cult. List easy requirements and good wages.

STEP 13: Having interesting conversations can strengthen your bond with everyone.


STEP 14: Discuss relationships to further beef up your bonds.

STEP 15: Acknowledge your mistakes and all possibilities.

STEP 16: Carefully listen to others. This is vital for the best cults.

STEP 17: A happy group is nice, but make sure to eliminate all that break the rules.

STEP 18: Understand that all groups break up eventually.


Bookmarked and downloaded


Wow. Dang, I missed my moment to stalk you @GammaGamer, because I was there XD


I know :]

I forgot to post that one.


Oh, was that with the dude that had the NSFWakizashi? I’m trying to remember.


The Flev guy was trying to equip my mules with robes, talking about how they were naked. Gave me a few GSorcs for that reason, hence the trade requests as such.