Post funny moments in-game!




Big F to him ;(


I feel so bad for that person! :anguished:


horse in midlands, it proceeded to rush to glands


NPE gets wrecked





The corruption has reached even to yellow stars!


Insta-killed Malus


We had some funny moments during our two guild o3 runs:

What a quirky bunch, going through middle

Everyone was chilling in the Minecraft house until a creeper griefed :frowning:

Red star was discussing a vit potion with another person, so the entire guild decided to contribute something meaningful to the conversation


vit lol


was gonna just put this in the death thread, but this kinda deserves to be in two threads


that was… interesting

Not complaining, though. I had 40 secs left on my clover once I left the dung.

Prolly woulda expired if we didn’t insta

I got life and vial


Prolly the most godlike overpay I have seen in my life.

Time to sell UBHP for extreme underpay.

Edit: Sold it to Furyborn.


Any time, my man, any time.


The other picture was for the meme. This was the actual trade.


I’ll give you 3 Mana for it



Hook me up anytime.

Too bad Maddymoon can’t make it. He would want that underpay.


owo i need dat. my game wont start tho.


I will give you a glife for it lol, but I can’t tell if you are serious about selling it for like nothing…


No I am serious about selling it like that.


If I seee you in game then you know dang well I’m hitting u up. Sick of using exa hp ngl