Post funny moments in-game!


he is truly dead


cuties being cute





How to tell someone takes the game a little too seriously…


what a fucking Nazi this Profrogez


this is the first time i see someone use jewish as derogatory


well, I guess he also went kaboom … @Zerino, are you ok? :fearful:


This man gonna be anti-Semitist.


@Campc Stomped over by an SB (Space Bunny)

Edit: djfjffj only just now noticed I posted this in the wrong thread–



O3 must be Waltzing with you LOL?




That’s definitely far from the first time I’ve seen it. I’ve been called it with it intended on being an insult irl one time. That was a weird experience, meeting someone actually stupid enough to use the word jewish in an inherently racist and also idiotic manner in a public space without the mask of the internet thinking I’d be insulted (I wasn’t) and that all the people around us would just be chill with that (they weren’t)



i see glawi is back to like everyone’s posts, and get another achievement? :smile:


What if tho


clears throat


Fams, it looks like SwatSec is back

Jokes aside, dw, it’s an admin




Only if that’s Venge… but T11, T12, T13 armors by tier order.