Post funny moments in-game!


forgot to take a screenshot of this, but i did my first reconstructed abyss yesterday, and i commented “How do you tell whether a room is a troom or not? every room looks like a troom”, and there were 4-5 “lol’s”


teleports behind you nothing personal


why is your voice so squeaky


“I’m on the other side of the map right now!”




or is it the real pokemon inside you




I love making giant ST parties! <3


tiny realm = tiny dungeons. thus we got 2 rogues and 1 trickster doing an ice cave.


I once introduced a friend to the game, and on his first day of playing I watched him solo the main portion of an ice cave on a rogue. Needless to say, the following Esben solo was unsuccessful.

Edit: also, the rogue wasn’t level 20 yet when he entered the dungeon


oryx speaking in code


god has abandoned us image


oryxmas means theater’s with 30 people in them, and that means all of the puppet master clones dying all at once, and that means:


a fresh ppe’s dream


“that’s not what my mom said” :frowning:



so this just happened

this is why i like reading newbie chat… they’re cute


he really didn’t wanna die


WHAT THE- oh boy…


Did the stone guardian start moving again? Or did the players nexus before freezing to death