Post funny moments in-game!


it started moving lol

i was very confused


I’ve had that entertaining anomaly occur thrice. Some people apparently couldn’t handle adapting to the change and got killed during its dancing in the narrow hallway. It really goes to show how good some players actually are. They memorize patterns of behavior (usually based on other more talented fighters), and stick with that. Anything different rocks their world…




:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Triple that DBow damage if sacrifice 3 DBows for 1.

Stonks BTW.




The return of candyree, cant seem to figure out how to embed the video with audio again.



Now you, too, can become the white bag


Why on earth are you carrying around the valentines set?



Yea look idk too . w.


This dude is selling 1 Mana for expensive stuffs: GGen, Colo, GCookie… Fat stonks.


That has never been an uncommon sight on Realmeye, unfortunately. Not even after a few years. Bad deals will always exist, as they do in real life.

But, you know… someone may be relatively rich and just wants mana rather than life, so it might feed that person to keep the offers up. Who knows.


Even better:



Bottom ones probably a meme


no, last night in nexus some dude was selling fplate/deca for 8 mana


note @XflameXL offering some free duping




today somebody wanted to trade me 8 life pots for 2 gmanas, so I gave him the inc I carried with me, additionally. May be due to the reasent that mana is worth so much compared to life…!?


He probably just needed mana badly. Life is and always will be more valuable than mana


Yeah, always have an offer that is high enough. You miss out on a sale if you limit yourself to a certain price. It’s an economic “rule” that you should allow a customer to spend as much as they want even if 99% of people will never even think of spending that amount.