Post funny moments in-game!


Yeah, he’s a YouTube with like 20k subscribers I think. Nah, don’t ping me because I probably won’t be able to Ben online then/ see the ping before it’s too late, but thanks for offering :blush:


I think it worked lol


Even better.


duoing a nest event with someone:


Why do you have Syborgis locked?

( P.S they have an interesting but weird guild )


I’m not sure lol. I think I had to go to vault to get something to trade with that person, so I locked before going.


Shouldn’t be in this category but this random dude insulted me from nowhere. I meant to type “Not ok” but wrote “Nope ok” kek.


Sorry you had to witness that


@PhantomMod Again not the right place but…

A bot was smearing your guild, saying your guildies are using hack tools.



hate to see it


Yep, all of us are aware considering the influx of random people dming us asking about our “hack tools”. Pretty sure this falls under the “witchhunting” offense, someone from our guild must have really pissed someone off to the point where they feel obliged to program this bot…


Yoo I was in that oryx run and my friends and I were laughing so hard at that.


note to self

Don’t tab out in fungals


Why Candy’s shrieking sounds so cute??? <3 (No intention to harass)

And especially Protection Crystal phase (LotLL).


Now THAT was the phattest OP I had ever seen.

Usually ppl want UBHP but in this one was particular absurd.

And he was right. Monster OP just for an UBDef.


Holy !@#$ maybe he’s quitting or something IDK, lucky you carried a UBDef, and a UBHP for it too?


I don’t think he’s quitting. You can cheq his Realmeye once per a while (kinda stalking LOL). Maybe he just want to get rid of those items for vault spaces.

I had 32 UBDef on my Vault chest that time (50+ UBDef total). I had to ran to my Vault for a quick sec to grab that ring so I can get that crazy offer.

No. He only needed UBDef, nothing else.


Oh no I mean’t he’s also giving you a UBHP for it which he could’ve bought for some glife and stuff




Some of you have probably already seen it on Reddit, so just cross posting here…

…when the lava maze is sus :flushed: