Post funny moments in-game!


That’s a glass cannon wizard.


LOL NO thats an esben staff.

I made the wizard have 75 speed.


Ah… that.

Slurp Wizard can get even more than that.


IK but i dont think the +15 shows,






doesnt exactly outdo some of the stuff ive done…


When dude rages on getting 0 on O2. I myself got 0’s before but this dude went a bit too much.


wheres ur leaf bow


I sac’ed it for Eastern Wind…


i am unamused


Just ignore such people. Or confirm him. Both normally results in no longer discussion or spammings.

He wants to get some attention, that’s all.


Indeed, usually. I remember one of my early guildies from 2015 went completely nuts, once. We were all bad at the game back then, him having more recently started. He had just consumed two “hard earned” life and like, 3 mana or something, then was promptly popped by a Ghost Ship storm cloud. He came back into the Realm, and yelled at everyone and everything by name for the next 42 minutes before leaving.

“What the [censored] is wrong with this game!!!??? I lost my 2 life to that [censored] mass of gas! [censored] you Kabam! [censored] you, [random player], my friend says you were laughing at me, [censored] you, Book! This trash game can go die in a hole with you. (30 minutes later…) [censored] you rock, you look like a piece of [censored] that a monkey would eat, then throw up on all the mother [censored] who didn’t heal me WHEN I WAS DYING; GO K.Y.S. PRIESTS […]

Ah yes. Good times. After nearly everyone in the Realm muted him, he left for good. All for the want of 2 life pots.


ye good times life pots were actually valuable


Who’s gonna tell them?


Easiest O3 I ever done. For those of you who know the O3 phases U will understand that O3 is throwing.

He did 2 phases, both staggered
Then he did 2 splendor almost in a row all phases staggered
dance phase, we staggered all phases

and of course, I say the line I always say
and the RL assisting died


noob down.

Congratulations on your first complete!


uwu is that me

poggers pogchamp i put extreme prejuice up oryx little itty-bitty EYES.


yes lol