Post funny moments in-game!


I guess nomore bee movies are to be made


That is actually hilarious. I have never seen that happen before!




Diagonal trickster isn’t real it can’t hurt you,
Diagonal trickster:


a pretty bad nose bleed:

From this vid:

edit: just noticed Dink is bleeding a bit too :disappointed_relieved:


image image


Sometimes we just…kinda wonder why some of the most random things are filtered…


Lowkey sad that it can be used as a joke~


Frame perfect kill before 4th counter.
(Also @PiiNeS gg on top damage)




I actually got a scripture from that and a divinity from o3. That was my 3rd ever top :smiley:





Ask and you shall receive! ;D



Exaltation saved you.




on old shatters, the consume phase used to repeat itself infinitely if you killed the blobs or exploded them too fast.




I’d dispute that, but I have so little faith in the old Shatters’ code that I’m not actually going to.

Seriously, there are tags that are set by various helper objects, for literally no reason? Single-line behaviors are done through embeds??? Why???


Modifier bug in O3: 45% slower minion bullet speed, 30% faster minion shooting rate.