Post funny moments in-game!


i like to look at the people who get caught in the act.

that is something i do…


bro I’m the best gamer of all time, my gear was so good they had to suspend me to stop me from insta’ing o3, and they had to lie and say I was under reqs

don’t care for the most part, will just wait the punishment out


lmfao good job


bad game


I would have a heart attack if I let the game stay open that long with that kind of lag. My computer has a nasty habit of being able to snap out of the lag, which would kill any character in an arena like that instantly. I just quit out of the game, if I hadn’t already pressed the nexus button within a second of realizing what was going on. v:


Usually when that happens to me, my wifi is down for like 5 seconds, which completely disconnects me and has a 0% chance of rubberbanding back, so, yeah.

You can even hear foxes’s calls get cut off because my wifi is just straight up missing 6 chromosomes.


Ninja is op on o3


I was leading shatters and talking with another elader about when the uninstaller cleaned your hard drive


small visual bug but makes it look like all my characters got dropped on the head




I’ve decided to promote myself to “HTT Enemy Namer” after suffering from several strokes trying to type my message out in guild chat (minus the f word)

Bonus points by returning to nexus with the very same message the filter was supposed to combat against. What a joke…


And did you know that the filter is client-side, too?
This means that saying “fuck” in chat, with censored words turned off, gives the filter message…but any players with censor on will see the message.


those players will probably just see the message as this: “@%*!&$”

though I do remember seeing messages with the f word, just without the c(or k).
and those misspelled f words are not censored, although there are probably reasons for that.
one of them is players accidentally saying the misspelled f words when they meant to say something else.

it’s weak and flimsy tbh, and there’s a better reason.
machines struggle to figure out whether a human has said curse words with intent or not.
(except super advanced ai)

disclaimer: I’m not an expert on ai, so I could be wrong about this.


Yeah, I have the profanity filter on, and it’s only partially effect. It’s useful enough that I still use it, though.


A few funny in-game chat screenshots


That’s all for now, hope u enjoyed at least one of them


Old, old screenshot. Just looking through them wondering why I kept this (almost all are of white bags). Seems it was the ‘hacker’ threatening to hack me if I didn’t accept his trade. But best of all we’re haggling over the price of a Dragonscale ! And my vault contains such valuable items as a Ravenheart and Wand of Death !!


man that brings me so much nostalgia.
Unrelated, but one time I decided to pop a candyland for our guild (back when it was thriving), and then second I entered I died on my new level 20 warrior that I put so much effort into (keep in mind I was too scared to go to glands at all back in the day, so this was an accomplishment for me). Well, in that same cland, my brother actually got his first pixie, and I got SUPER angry (was like 8 back then). I DEMANDED him to give me donations, assuming he’d actually give me the pixie since it was my pop, but when he traded me he only gave me the tarot card he got ;(

tl;dr: 8yo me was extremely stupid



Exposed? . w.


Funny or tragic, depending on your point of view. Spooky Boy appears during survival phase of MBC…


And this is why you should never let randoms solo cult in your void runs