Post funny moments in-game!


Four troom Ruins. The start is the room to the right of the boss room, so other than the boss room every dead end is a troom. Got the sword from one of them, but no STs. Instead got two ST rings from consecutive enemies. Must have left half a dozen pots behind.


My new favorite pre-oryx tradition. Got several people to join in


(old pic) a single trapped pentaract eye


end of this clip is the funny part - I complete a devious lick of 55 pts under the feet of a shooting avatar


idk if you find this funny but i sold 90 life for these (not the mana) and the realm economy is funny lol


90 Life pots?! Not stonks…


that wis and alone makes it worth imo


if you know… you know.


based name


thank you deca <3


Took a photo with the Santappetizer.


It completely looks like he’s leaning in for a selfie. Well done! :smile:


This guy’s guild… I think @PRCSakura knows what it means.

(操你媽 = fuck your mom)


Of course IK what it means kekw.


ah yes, necor nominom, my favorite white bag



IK that man, they beg for free stuffs A LOT.


and not just any free stuff, I’ve seen them too. it’s always stuff like this thats worth a ton




Never gets old doing this. A minute earlier had stumbled across a great mass of gods, so called out ‘god wall’ for others to enjoy it. A minute later had sliced one side of it, but was unclear how far it extended. So of course I had to wander into it to see for myself.