Post funny moments in-game!




(That post was from 5 years ago, by the way. He hasn’t even been seen on the forums for about that long! :3)


i swear he came back a few years back, ive only been here for a few years and i remember some of his posts


I’ve actually met him in-game 2-3 times! Last time I encountered him was probably 3 months ago, though. But yeah, his account hasn’t been seen here in quite some time.




loop in ancient ruins


maybe scepter XD


Realm of the Mad Crab


no, scepters don’t damage the walls.
The thing is, almost all the time, side walls will be broken in that hallway, I rarely ever see the center cleared


Oh, I see what you mean, thank you.
I misunderstood that the picture was saying that the bag falling behind the wall that hadn’t been broken yet was funny.
Indeed, it is very strange that both sides of the wall have been left clean!


I love blue stars sm.


so i messed up a human decoy on a monstrosity and got this gem of an image



I know I’ve posted a few of these before, but this felt necessary


Mega chat spam…

And this after they see my pots…
He be knocking on my door for rainbows smh.


2072 vault slots??!?!?!?


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3




I rubberbanded