Post funny moments in-game!


We had to deal with this, pretty much all at once, in a LH run. Bottom line, about 30 people finished the run out of over 150 to start.


Where’s Waldo??

Seriously though, how many is that? I’m counting 8 lol, but more importantly who got that screenshot xDDD


The estimation (by a rusher, who took the pic) was indeed eight. It was a lot of fame.


Pub? Mch draggers?


It was pub. I’m not entirely sure what happened; I was mostly focused on not joining the ~12 maxed deaths that run.


Yeah, my assassin died in there



this dude in USW2


185 people lh. Picture from guildie @foreverloc
Not really funny tbh, just weird




this is why I don’t do public


Lol where do you go all the pub lhs I´ve been in was like 2 ppl


A LH discord called pub


Henez is back? By the way, for context, he is in a guild named discovery channel.


That’s not the real Henez. Someone took his name because he was inactive for so long.


Makes sense.


That isn’t the real Henez, but Henez did come back briefly a while back. Not sure if he’s still playing


@GGaodzilla ur yellow star now kid


You realized this just a little late. Just a little


This mf Oryx


Don’t worry he hates all of us.