Post your opinion on the monster carnival event


Personally, I like the concept however the execution is poor. I feel that Deca should give us some more info on the location and details of the event or at least make the event accessible by more players in the game.

Monster carnival server?
Trade item: Greater Potion of Attack

I saw a few videos on youtube showing what the event is. It looked really chaotic! But really fun and rewarding. I’m sad I didn’t get to participate, but knowing deca they kept quiet about it for a reason.


Yeah I agree. The event sounds really cool but the actual chances of one finding the location and admin are too low and it makes many quite frustrated.


I havent logged on yet, have they published any details?

Actually isnt that just when a mod hops on of some reason and feels like dkilling a bunch of people in a hogh risk-no reward situation?


I’m gonna assume they had the event undisclosed because the high chance of death being present. But the risk is the fun part so idk. Or the servers wouldn’t be able to handle the stress. Either way, I hope next time they share the love with


The what? and is it over?


This isn’t really an event, but an admin just having fun with a group of people.


well then they shouldn’t have called it an ‘event’ in game


not very rewarding. fun the first time but it loses its novelty. im fine with that, the events are meant to be fun and not to break the game by showering people with loot.


What is this?


Having a small server event is fine.

Just don’t be a troll like Valsind and put a global announcement out that just confuses everyone.


Well if you’re lucky you get white bags from the bosses.


It sounds like it was a random GM opening/spawning things event. Didn’t see it/didn’t participate myself so would be interested to see any vids/screenshots.

Seems a bit rude/unfair to not say the location in the global chat, since the Discorders will by definition be able to share that knowledge once one of them finds the GM, and RealmEye users can stalk the GM by ‘last seen’, assuming not hidden. Both things a bit unfair over the casual player who’s online and could swap server if they were told where, faster than offliners could get their game fired up & flood in.

Probably these events now would also be unfair if they host in the same realm constantly for a long time instead of going through dungeons, because of cheat-connectors, but if not overdone they can be a nice random bit of fun… or… :boom:.


Here is a guy on the event:


Silex appeared on Australia for a bit and popped a Heroic UDL. He then spawned 3 more Heroic Septaviuses after the first one died, then left. So it wasn’t much of a monster carnival x.x It seemed like he was just getting us to test the boss fight in preparation for MotMG.

I think if they want to get the monster carnival event to work they’ll have to make a point of visiting all/most servers as many Asia-Australia players miss out due to how impromptu it is.


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