Producer's Letter: Part 1


I think because something’s changed with how we load into nexuses/realms, it seems to be a fraction slower recently, and with our /ignore list client-side (could this be changed?) that fraction gives the existing spambots enough to send their message before the ignorelist registers. Oftentimes now when I click to ignore a spam, the sender is already on my ignore list. Sigh!

Honestly it’s a joke how badly the game allows this spam, and is the number 1 reason stopping me ever recommending the game to people, because of the horrorspam of what I know they would be bombarded with.


oh shit i didnt realize, it actually did change (havent checked on flash but ive heard they bypass there too)

(those are account ids, /lock list also has one)

Which makes a lot of sense as to why bots can bypass it before you are fully loaded in.


Ah yes, the Enity client we’ve all been waiting for.


The captcha option makes sense on paper but it’s also extremely annoying to everyone… It’s probably why I’ve never seen any game doing that.

Only viable if you need to do it one time a week max. or tie your connection to your ip or something (since bots change theirs often)


When would it ever be that annoying, though? It’s only if you’re creating a huge number of accounts at once, which is a very infrequent occurrence from my perspective. I think it would do more good than harm.

I am assuming that this captcha is only during the account creation process, ofc.

Oh, right. Forgot about that (I don’t make new accounts frequently :smile: ).


That already exists since 5 years ago

He probably means in game on login


Were you not here when they massively buffed the drop rates in lost halls


I thought about that as I typed it out. It could save us from bots but it would drive me nuts as well. Not sure what the lesser of 2 evils would be in this case.


Well I dont think that Oryx3 will be that active needing basically 3 different keys to access it. After awhile it will end up being annoying and only DISCORD groups will regularly gain access.


@Niegil is the following something that is stored on a players computer or downloaded when you start the game?

I probably have several hundred people (maybe even in the thousands ignored) is this something that we can clear ourselves?

I once sent a request to Kabam to clear my ignored list but they suggested just doing it manually one at a time as I noticed someone was ignored.
/sarcasm on
They were really helpful
/sarcasm off


It’s server sided (which is new i think), loaded in when you start the game. If you want to see it you’ll have to use Fiddler, but rather than looking at the steam stuff you’ll be looking for this.

It’s most likely related to Moonshoot’s issue, which turned out that his lock list was too large for him to be able to load in. It’s not something you can clear afaik, but if you aren’t having issues then you should be good.


I was pretty sure that it was a server side message but I wanted to ask.

Not having any issues atm. I generally do mass ignores when sitting in a popping server chasing marks/white bags or whatever.

I mark spammers/beggars/@sshhats and many other annoying people ignored. It would be nice to be able to clear the “Ignore List” occasionally. It was a suggestion to Kabam a long time ago but their answer was canned and useless.


I completely understand your problem with discords. However, not all of realm is like that. I feel that you probably are generalizing your opinion based on the discords you’ve used. A lot of discords that I am a part of are extremely nice. Pub halls isn’t the nicest discord, but you can just run with rls that you enjoy. Cults only discord has a few toxic rls, and I choose not to run with them. If they are very annoying, then I’ll even report a modmail. This may help in my case, but I have plenty of guild members that are rls. My favorite discord is Pest Control. The reason for this isn’t because I love nests, but it’s because of the community. I find all of the rls in Pest Control extremely nice. This may be because the Nest is easier, letting the rls relax a bit more, but not rls are mean. I mean, if you know what you are doing in lost halls or nests, usually conversation sparks up and the rls are just saying take upsplits or something like that while they talk about a story or have a nice q/a with raiders. I’ve only submitted 2 modmails and it wasn’t because rls were bad; it was because they were toxic. I now don’t run any lost halls with those rls. There are many solutions to your problem with the game. For one, you complain about the cube god, and I agree with that. However, the Cube God is fine with me. As other players get better, they’ll be able to tank. But has your playing experience ever been ruined by the Cube God? I hope not. Also, I don’t farm discords. I find that to be boring. You don’t have to do discords to do lost halls. There are definitely guilds that run Lost Halls, or you can get together a small group of ig friends to do it. My experience with Lost Halls is limited to discords. But this doesn’t mean my playing experience is limited to Lost Halls. To me, Lost Halls is only useful for whites and maybe even maxing mana. Lots of people base their opinion on only Lost Halls, but sometimes they need to make the game fun for themselves. There are definitely other things to do other than Lost Halls. Besides challenges such as ppes/npes/etc, you can play the game normally WITH some lost halls mixed in, but that certainly doesn’t mean that Lost Halls takes the fun away from the game. I love the aspect of the game that says players can only help each other. While I know that there are draggers and people like that, what I mean is that hackers don’t take the fun away from you. You can have fun even with hackers tanking everything. Please stop farming Lost Halls if that is your problem and try to have fun with rls. Making in game friends is part of the fun. I’ve made a couple friends around my age and even gotten on vc with some of them and talked like normal friends. Remember that you are in control and realm doesn’t limit you to anything. The only thing that ever limits you in realm is lag.


My ignored list has gotten to the size where it affects gameplay like calls, trooms, and sometimes discussion of updates etc. Still worth it to reduce the n-word spam etc.


I have noticed absolutely no difference with the “massively buffed drop rates” for halls.

I am almost certain dbow drops more than omni.

“Generous” =/= dbow drop rate

“Normal” = dbow drop rate

If those drop rates are considered generous then I can’t wait for people to complain about O3 lol.

If you need to do ~150 O3 to get 1 white bag I won’t say that it’s a bad drop rate, but I won’t say that it’s a “generous” drop rate either.


dbow got buffed too…
Considering it’s gonna take a bit over 20 min at best to get to o3, I’d say the droprates would be miles better.


If Deca has a different definition of the word “generous” I suppose we’ll find out.


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