PT: Challenger Mode




Hello! It has been a long time coming, but we are thrilled to finally introduce Challenger Mode! Challenger is intended to provide a new spin on the game in limited time bursts, with each season providing new self-contained goals and mechanical twists. We will likely host lengthier seasons in the future, but we have opted to start with a smaller 4-day season to ensure everything is working as expected.

Our first ever miniature season is currently available to try out on public testing. Since this will be the inaugural season, we are kicking things off with a season built to emulate a more classic feel for the game. Some of the most notable changes are covered below.

Challenger mode is entirely independent from classic mode progress. ALL progress made in challenger mode does not carry over between seasons, with the sole exception of unlocked character slots and vault chests.

All challenger accounts will begin with 2 character slots and 2 vault chests. You may also see additional slots/chests appear as quest rewards at the Tinkerer in some seasons.

The dungeon selection has been limited to pre-Kabam content, i.e. cutting off around mid-2012. You should be able to access the following areas:

  • Realm (duh)

  • Pirate Cave

  • Spider Den

  • Forbidden Jungle

  • Snake Pit

  • Sprite World

  • Undead Lair

  • Abyss of Demons

  • Manor of the Immortals

  • Ocean Trench

  • Tomb of the Ancients

  • Oryx’s Castle

  • Oryx’s Chamber

  • Wine Cellar

A hard pet level cap has been set at 70. Along with this, all standard items have no feed power values. Instead, pet food itself drops from various boss monsters to tie pet progress more closely into the gameplay cycle.

Drop tables for both tiered and untiered items have been revised to create a more reasonable progression curve over the course of a four day mini-season.

In the real season, you will have very limited lives to complete your given objectives. For testing purposes, you will have an effectively infinite number of lives, but it will not be this way upon release.

This season will run for four days, and your ultimate goal is to complete all of the Tinkerer’s quests. Most are non-repeatable, so use your rewards wisely! It may be best to not put all your eggs potions in one basket character. An emphasis has been placed on Oryx 2 (who will be dropping Oryx marks rather than O1) to make the classic realm-closing cycle a priority. Remember, the real version of this season will have a life limit, so these rewards are not designed to be spread across the dozens of different characters that can be made in this testing session.

Of course, we don’t expect you to play four full days on testing where nothing matters, but we would like to know how attainable the Tinkerer’s quests feel based on what you accomplish within whatever time you play. Completing the full journey is meant to be a significant enough process that it cannot be completed in just a single day by most people, but it should not be so unreasonably demanding that it feels unattainable without completely dedicating all four days to the game.

Please provide feedback and report any bugs you encounter in this thread. Happy testing!

We will let you know as soon as PT servers are open!
PT will remain open over the weekend until Monday morning!

Also I will be streaming a preview of challenger. So if you are not able to test on your own watch me play here at around 3:45 PM UTC. Note: PT will start 30 mins after stream starts. The stream could be slightly delayed due to technical issues.


whats the point of this “Challenger Mode”?
of course other than to give a Challenge


“Account already has 2 active characters”



so whats the point? Why I should leave prod? To do temp stuff for nothing?


There’s probably gonna be rewards that transfer over to your “legacy/old” account by completing challenges in challenger mode.

edit: o i misunderstood see seelpits answer


Looking very forward to this

As someone who barely plays anymore, this seems like something that could get me back to playing


The point of testing is to give feedback to the developers, who wish to pre-emptively share something with the community to test their general reaction to stuff and to let them know what’s in the works.

These aren’t hard concepts to grasp.


Yus lets complete the thing in 4 days




It’s not open until 30 minutes after @Kiddforce’s stream starts… which is slightly delayed.


I switched from best server to “CtChallenger05” and now it works


Did you guys start with 2 character slots? I’m stuck with one :c

Also it’s admin only for another 30 minutes ;-;





Finally something more interesting


Fun fact: You can actually play as the enemies from the Machine!


is it me or the gif haves nothing to do with “the Machine”


wtf im only have 1 slot…sad

but ye its open now


The Machine has the Servers as your enemies.
And clicking “Servers” here opens up the Class selection screen.