Public Testing #5 - Status: Closed


Where do you find the xml files?


Flash decompiler



How to become closed tester?


Bribe @Shatter to take his place, he’s an inactive tester.


I open, get my stuff, go to the vault, try to leave and this is what happens


When i start up my flash, it just says “D’oh, this isn’t good | Unable to load language [en]”


when I try to go in It says registration needed, even though I’m registered, and when I make a new acc and register, it still says I need to register…


should be on the static drips somewhere


it doesn’t work, once I register it still says I need to register


it says my password is wrong


The second i get into a dungeon i get insane lag constant black tiles and delayed as hell dmg and takes 10 seconds to activate any ability this is really irritating.


You need to make a new account for it.
Think of it as a seperate entity from rotmg.


same with me


decker i`d say that u did good with the ice cave changes! i like it very much now… about mt tho - there are some random lanterns scatered throughout the dungeon… what are they for?


Something related to the new Treasure Room


oof, well, I’m too lazy to do that.


Testing is open. No idea why.


We’re doing a quick stress test for the release tomorrow!


What’s happening tomorrow?