Public Testing this weekend



To make your time worth it, we have left two portals permanently open on T1: Lost Halls and Oryx’ Sanctuary. It will be great for training, since you will have maxing Apples available for free, as well as other items to quickly make your testing chars look super-duper.

LH gang rise up! Oh this could also be a good moment to get my 1st O3 completion.

Unstable status effect:
Instead of 360º, now the Unstable Status Effect will restrict the angle that a shoot can deviate up to a certain limit. So it will mess up with your aim (more noticeable at longer distances) but won’t completely nullify your attacks.

Really pog NGL.


Finally finally finally FINALLY the unstable debuff gets a rework!


Robe of the Mad Scientist giving a 25% ability “discount” is pretty big.


'bouta be reqs for ftome priest. 60mp cost? :flushed:


Big, but I don’t think broken. The version on the previous testing session was completely broken because it was a flat value that didn’t change with the ability cost, so you could spam T0 tome basically as fast as the game would allow and not run out of mp with a decent pet. I think this will make it sought-after, but fair. Awesome change!


Considering it comes from a mid-game dungeon, I can see it getting nerfed a bit.


Yay scientist robe looks really good
Even on just like T7 necro it’s 425/120 (3.5) - > 425/90 (4.7) spell casts. Worth considering!

My math might be extremely bad. But for those wondering, you can run it on the wizard to get 610 MP to cast T7 ~9 times. Doing an average of 25,200 damage per rotation.
Which you can further boost by starting by wearing tlatoani then switching to mad scientist, adding 2 more spell casts. For 11 spells in a single rotation (avg 30k), compared to the previous max of 8.

Using Spelling Spell will give you 570 at a 19.5 MP cost (not sure if it goes to 19 or 20), casting ~29 times on a rotation. Dealing ~41470 average damage. Wearing Tloatani first giving another 6 spell casts for a total of ~35 spell casts lol. I don’t think the game is even fast enough to dump all those out :sob:

Pretty fun. Wish there was more stuff like it in the game.


Same! Thankfully, they seem to be adding more items with such capabilities, which is awesome because there’s only so much you can do with straight stat bonuses.


Very good fix on the mad lab robe giving a discount of 25% instead of 20mp, making it not exploitable with items like the machine spell. Also a rework on the unstable debuff is really refreshing.


Is it just me or is the unstable changes not working? Cause I got unstabled and still went 360 degrees.