Pure Rare Mystery Egg


My friend got this in gland and neither me or him know what it is. Someone here knows what this item is?

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Well so my friend opened it and he got this :

Heal : 50
Attack close : 1
Savage : 0

Is it completly normal or is it something special with the “Pure” egg


Wow that’s strange, i’ve never seen that before. Since it’s soulbound and a consumable, you won’t get any value out of it unless you use it, so go ahead and pop it in the pet yard
And be sure to tell us what it does


well its not mine but i’m going to ask my friend to do it


come check now


I’m not understanding what makes it “pure”… maybe someone else can help shed some light on this

Edit: I found this on the wiki
Pure Pet Eggs are a type of Pet Egg introduced in Patch X.31.7.3. They function exactly like the pet egg they are based on, but have no feed power. There are 3 currently in the game: a Pure Legendary Mystery Egg, a Pure Rare Mystery Egg, and a Pure Legendary Humanoid Egg.

So the only difference is the sprite and the no feed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well this item is only a collectable and isnt useful about the game. That’s kinda sad but well, if you got one, keep it up


He got a rare egg in glands? Dang, I should start farming.


This might be insanely rare as i never seen this in 6 years of playing


Patch X.31.7.3 is a very recent patch xd

also hi I’m the one who added that info to the wiki page. It appears that this might replace the current rare/legendary egg types that have pure counterparts, in drops from the realm. They’ll function just like the corresponding pet egg of that type, and the only difference is that they have 0 feed.
From what I know, they’re intended to be for events (so what they’re giving out is intended to be for egg hatching purposes, not for pet food purposes), though it seems like they’re dropping in the realm rather than being included in any events so far.


Well, if i am not wrong, it is not really supposed to be dropped like that.?


I don’t know. From what I’ve gathered from talking with people in the know, it’s supposed to be for events (presumably so they can put these eggs into the drop table, and not have people farm the event just for the eggs as efficient pet food, similarly to what they did with the skins).
However, I don’t know why they’ve changed the drops in the realm. If anything, those should stay the same since they’re already ludicrously rare (in the case of the legendary eggs; rare eggs are pretty uncommon as well), might as well give someone more uses for the egg if they have no use for a free legendary pet, especially given you’re most likely to get some not-great combination of abilities.


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