Quest Error. Why?


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Event quest can't be finished but still shows up [Mark Quests]

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Have you tried closing flash and then opening again?


I cannot really see your screen shots but had a similar thing happen to me yesterday. It was a ‘scout the sewers’ quest. I turned in my mark, and the screen went black and eventually kicked me back to the character select screen. I then tried again with the same result but noticed this time there was a similar single mark quest for a Snake Pit. After getting kicked back to the character select screen, I logged out, then logged back in and the sewers quest was gone but I still had my mark.

At this point I can only assume it was an error in game because the daily quests had recently refreshed.

TL;DR: log out and back in, then try.


Cant read the text on the pic in that resolution.


If you were trying to turn in the realm marks, it might have been closed and that’s why there was an error. I had something similar happen to me with the puppet event


You can just about read the orange title of the quest as Mad God Hunt, one of the event quests.

Unfortunately the event ended 12 hours ago (6hrs before your post), RIP:


If so, then why is it still visible giving the illusion of being active?
I just had the exact same thing happen to me, and apparently I had only wasted my time getting the marks.
Nothing ingame indicates the quest has expired.


Maybe this is a tactic by Deca for players to spend there time on the quests. :man_shrugging:


It was still visible because daily quests refresh when you start your game. It is (or was at least) possible to do your quest hours after the quest deadline if you haven’t closed and restarted your game since before the deadline. In this case they took the extra precaution of blocking quest completions after the deadline so that people wouldn’t be able to farm for bags indefinitely.


i have gottan that error too that just means event ended


It might be worthwhile sending in a support ticket, that’s the best way you can guarantee Deca hears your feedback/complaint that the Tinkerer screen doesn’t do a good enough job communicating when an event has ended: How to contact Deca Games Support


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