Quest marker not updating on event god spawn (QOL)


When event gods spawn, they do not appear as quests until after a teleport.


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I think this is significant enough to be its own bug report, the Trivial thread is more for the very minor ones.

Someone in the old days told me this was something to do with each player’s network speed/connection.

Your quest will update (eventually) if the event doesn’t die, but if you have a very slow one, by that time any good quest is probably gonna be dead. So yeah, TP is one of the ways you can at least see where the quest is, even if someone with megafast connection already knows where it is because their quest updated immediately and they get to destroy it in 3.5 seconds.




I honestly thought this was just how the game worked. Guess not. Well, I’m not surprised, because my network speed is really slow.


Yeah figured that out. At first I thought it was slow internet but over time, that opinion changed. It’s weird and annoying unless you have a very fast class


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Just dropping by to let you know that this is happening. :kissing_heart:

It’s much simpler than that, the server updates a player’s quest periodically. That means you can simply get unlucky by getting an update just before an Encounter spawns.


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