Question about Deca support


Hey guys, I submitted a request to Deca almost a week ago but haven’t heard back from them since. I know this is during trying times, so I just followed up with more information about the ticket with my email nicely instead of asking them to be faster, but does anyone know how long it takes Deca to reply on average? Thanks.


No idea about average, but I submitted a ticket yesterday that had a less than 12 hour turnaround.


Im not sure exactly what you mean by “followed up”, but from my understanding that might mean they pushed your email to the back of the queue when you did so. That would be my guess.


I’ve sent in three tickets before. The first one took about 2 days for the first reply. The second one took ~3 days. The third one took 10 minutes. My guess would be that its about luck and which category your conflict is in.


By following up I meant just adding more information regarding the situation that I needed assistance with, but if that means my ticket will get pushed to the back of the queue, I might as well stop doing that.


DECA replied to my last ticket within five days or so.

By the chance that it wasn’t sent to back of the queue upon adding information, it may be because your topic is in a minor in DECA’s checklist (so in blunt words, your issue may not matter as much as other people’s issues, so it’s not a huge deal priority-wise).


Sometimes they answer in like 4 hours or so - sometimes they answer after a week. It just depends but I think some cases they never even respond to (i heard) not sure if it’ true or not but from experience it ranges from few hours to a a few days for me