Question about loot boosters


Soooo, if I were to use a loot tier on a enemy that only drops one tier of item (like oryx 3) would it do anything like increasing my chance of getting a top?




if i remember correctly, any tier above 12 is treated as ut for tier boosters anyway, and tier boosters only affect the tier and not rates. only real use for them is wc.


Ok, well my question is pretty much answered so @moderators I guess you can close this now :)


2 final remarks on tier boosters before I close:

  1. tier boosters work only after the game has decided to give you a tiered item of some kind. after the game rolls a tiered item, it rolls to check how much to increase the tier of that tiered item, up to the max tier that can drop from that enemy (so no LH tops from O2, but you already knew that). it does nothing to encourage the game to decide to give you that tiered item in the first place. they’re useless on O3.

  2. I don’t see why they shouldn’t work on tiers above WC tops. the <soulbound> and <tier> tags are entirely unrelated and can freely be mix+matched without affecting anything. tiered loot is handled differently than anything else, the way tiered loot is handled is that it’s called something like “tier X weapon” on the loot table. I assume it’s that special system that the tier booster checks to increase the tier drops, and the presence or absence of the soulbound tag makes no difference whatsoever. if someone has strong evidence to the contrary (like a deca official or UGC statement) feel free to correct me elsewhere, but since that’s not related to the OP’s original question I’m going to close anyway.

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