Question about mules


Idk where this belongs.

But i have a question about mules. Are they going to become obsolete after the removal of Flash? Deca has made it so that there is no way of opening 2 exalt clients at the same time, probably to prevent duping. Does this mean i should remove all the stuff from my mules before Sep 23?


You should definitely transfer all your items to your main before Flash is discontinued. On the off-chance that you can’t, you’ll have to get two seperate devices to log onto your mules.

Deca said they’d be changing the vault system to accomodate the loss of mules in Exalt, so look forward to that I guess.


You can probably use a sandbox program to open more than one window to use your mules.

I believe DECA will implement a unified vault with infinite tradable storage so I wouldn’t worry much about this problem.


I have good news for you, you still can open 2 Exalt clients at the same time (without installing anything) - works with up to 4 at a time.

Read more on one of my postes here, the last comment from me should be it:


Unified vault? Yes, they have talked about this for a while.
Infinite storage? Definitely not. I am guessing it will have the same limitations as your current vault setup, with an option to purchase more space for a similar cost to current vault unlocks.


Infinite tradable storage.


You would just have to have a trustable person to give ur stuff to them trade back to a main once flash is gone


ye, imma use my guildmates for that lmao.


I tried it and it honestly doesn’t work, it works putting it all in but it won’t actually be able to run 2 clients since the other one blocks it in the exalt launcher when you try to start it.


In one of the [spoiler] forum posts, there was namedrops of a “premium potion chest”, and other interesting vault mechanics. My best guess is that this update will take place either during or after the MotMG event known as Reconstruction.


I still have access to my mules, albeit a little cumbersome. I have to use my wife’s laptop when she isn’t using it. It has discouraged me from utilizing my mules as much as I used to.


That makes sense, almost like they are “picking up the pieces” after the big changes that unity has wrought.


That does make sense, worst case scenario for mules and such there are other programs to run them through.


in case u havent seen this