RareMeat/Boombleeb's Ridiculous & Bumptious Art Thread


I constantly lamented over the fact that I only ever had one piece of worthy art. That’s not enough for an art thread. Until, I realised. I have two pieces of art. Take that, icepicks! Now, I have an art thread! Albeit, terribly lacklustre and small. Finally, I too can receive validaiton share my art. All my drawings are hand-drawn, at least until I get a drawing tablet.

Autobot Warpath (Generation 1)

I'm Santa!

This is based off of a true story during Realmafia Round 14
The context here is that sheriff was named Santa during this round, due to it being Christmas. Trensient claimed Santa to get the real Santa to claim, as he was close to being lynched. This prompted the real Santa, TROLLDLLR, to reveal themselves. Ludfru then claimed Santa for some reason. The other three of us unfortunately witnessed this madness unfold, which was entirely purposeless as we lynched Trensient anyways as planned.
From left to right: Trensient, TROLLDLLR, Ludfru, HorusKane, Geo (On top of HorusKane) and Boombleeb

Hopefully the existence of this art thread will reignite my will to draw. I hate erasers though.

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What? They… make English sense, at least. Just kind of weird.


can’t wait for more stuff from ya, @RareMeat


It’s the vaporeon for me.


does this count? i think this counts

i just finished an assignment for my graphic design class called a ‘personality postcard’. it had to showcase our interests in a creative way, hence the name personality postcard. to create this i fused together the album covers of muse’s origin of symmetry and dream theater’s systematic chaos




i have decided to revive this thread and my presence on the forums as a whole because i drew something

the drawing is of insection bombshell in his action master colours from the transformers. while the drawing isn’t very good, it is my first digital drawing in a sense and i’d say i’m off to a pretty good start

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Because it’s old, systems just weird like that


here’s bombshell again, but in his generation 1 form this time. along with an alternate visor version

this drawing was very scuffed.