[REALMEYE ENDING?] Erm. Realm Eye admins might may want to check this thing out


SO. i’ve been seeing this shuffled around a lot of places, but is it truth?

https://www.realmeye.blog website says realmeye is shutting down. in 13 days. :scream:

is this real? some people are saying its fake but it has the eye and everything?

is this real or fake? need moderator proof

(picture for those who do not wish to visit the site)

Is this blog page real? realmeye.blog
"We currently cannot access any of the RotMG servers."

Ignore it lmao


I think it’s fake because if it was real, why is this page not listed on the realmeye website?
and iirc there never was a blog on the realmeye website at all.


It’s definitely fake, If this was real they would make this the first thing you see on the front page, especially if it was within the next 13 days.

Though, there is some truth to it, over the last few months, DECA has been lacking to give RealmEye full functionality, as MrEyeball only works if you’re in his server, certain commands like “stats”, “left to max” or “server” doesn’t work anymore.

Though this was a scummy scare to make, this should be used as insight to get MrEyeball back up to speed like he used to.


I have received no message about this, however it wouldn’t surprise me if I wasn’t given any advance notice either.

however, there’s a few major holes in this story. first the obvious one is that it isn’t linked from the realmeye main page. second, again the site it appears on doesn’t match the realmeye domain. it’s like fake dLscord links instead of discord ones.

third: the reason given doesn’t actually follow through to that conclusion. having access to an API doesn’t make running realmeye cheaper, it would only make it easier or in an extreme case possible at all. I don’t think the API was ever made, but realmeye is demonstrably capable of continuing regardless so it’s not impossible. and since realmeye was always a hobby project of mreyeball from the very beginning, easier or harder doesn’t really matter. so “realmeye can’t keep up heavy costs” cannot be justified by the argument “we don’t have API lol”.

fourth: while a handful of functions performed by the main site require in-game stuff to keep going, the majority doesn’t require any interaction with rotmg at all. lack of an API doesn’t affect the wiki, it certainly makes no difference for trading, and it absolutely has fuck all to do with entire forum. only player data tracking is really affected, and to a lot of people that’s not really a huge loss. everything else can continue floating along effortlessly.

lastly, refusing to even consider asking for donations, while a reasonable ask from someone who is just tired of it all and wants an excuse to leave it all behind, is all the more damning in a story with as huge and gaping holes in it as this. of course they’re not going to ask for donations because if they did there would be no way of getting that to mreyeball because it’s all being faked. and realmeye has had no issues asking for donations in the past even if it was an issue, some old players have this crown on their page, which is a badge for donating to realmeye in the early days:

probably the strongest and fastest way to disprove the entire story is to just have @MrEyeball himself to appear and just say everything’s fine but I’m confident disregarding the entire thing for now. if you see someone bringing it up and spreading it around, please redirect them to this thread (and this message) so it doesn’t derail everything in panic. last person who spread it was just rickrolling (and even got the shutdown date incorrect) so I don’t think there’s any danger.


This just popped up on that same page.


It don’t pop up for me? where is it? its not april


Since @Xaklor already basically debunked this, the only thing I’m wondering is who even made this fake website? Like, I know some people were fooled, but who would trick more casual people with this?


Who knows and who cares who made it? Anyone can put up a website. The cost of doing so today is almost negligible, as long as you don’t have to pay for actual content or functionality. Someone with too much time on their hands, no originality and no sense of humour clearly, but beyond that finding out is probably not possible.


sent it to MrEyeball yesterday, but last time i was in contact with them they told me they’re busy, I quote a snippet of the pm:

We are just way more busy than usual and RealmEye is one of the “projects” we have been spending less time on lately. Hopefully that will change in June.



You can buy any ‘realmeye’ domain for 8 bucks at namecheap. No need to debunk anything