RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


Yeah I remember now, that was the Kabam forums (that is to say, the forums on Kabam’s own website).

Nameness’ original question was only about dungeons from the forums.

There has been plenty of player-made content that made it in the real game without ever being presented on the forums.


cough cough :honeybee: @Mrunibro cough cough

Toast did post it on the forums but it was a lot different than it is now
Void entity was a 10% chance of encountering, omni was actually good, etc.


haHA where’s my bracer>omni crew

wildshadow era dungeons were not player generated.
iirc ice cave was a kabam project but i could be wrong
i think the only two kabam era dungeons were player generated - lod and shatts

meanwhile deca is a bit more reliant on player generated content.
the ones i can list are lh and nest.
however, i know that epic forbidden jungle is coming out soon (not sure if player generated or not), one of atrapper’s dungeon ideas is in development (not revealing which one), and that we still have no word on that goddamn goblin lair that was basically announced a year ago.


Ice cave came out in winter of 2015 I think

flashbacks to the year long winter reskins


flashbacks to getting frostbites in delicious pbags

200% great game design kablam


amitp made the Tomb of the Ancients and both Oryx Castle and the Wine Cellar underwent extensive reworking based on a few players’ feedback (I think BMJ for OC and Linkshot for WC).

The WS devs were much better at communicating with their community than Kabam overall.

(@moderators I’m really sorry for hijacking your AMA, it’s just that this specific question didn’t require a mod to be answered)


He reworked the whole quiet-rogue-rush thing
Back when quiet did not uncloak rogues.


damn that sounds broken


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that seems like a bit of a nonanswer, bud


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@otherbill how will you answer this?


Dang, still don’t know why people still think this thread is relevant and continue to bump, but whatever floats your boat :man_shrugging:


It’s a place to ask mods questions, what’s not to like?


how is it not relevant? it’s not like we can ever ask all possible questions of the mods.


@moderators whats the likelyhood of us asking every possible question


Fair enough.

In increasing order of comfort:

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    most of the questions now are not really as interesting (imo) as when the mods were talking about how they were recruited to the forums.

    No, but why would we want to? less than half of every possible question would even make sense. Not to mention another good chunk would be too personal for the mods to answer. the mods aren’t going to tell us their real names and their addresses if we ask.

    Its a bit extreme and I guess its good that people can ask mods questions but now, this thread is mostly just random bumps with a random question. That’s fine, but the questions aren’t really making that much of a meaningful discussion