RealmEye Forums Moderator AMA [Request]


@moderators why haven’t you done anything with this?:

also, why haven’t you said what the holdup is? or at least say something like, “hold your horses kids, we’ll get there when we feel like it.”? SirSpud already kinda made a poll for it already here, so if you’re really lazy you could just use the data from that.

I’m not getting impatient just because the the Clock Tower appears to be far and away in the lead among the candidates, I just want that category to be used for something other than Puffagod’s nigh-impossible twin gauntlets and a single QoL concept when DECA (Krathan) actually reads the forums. I don’t have anything against the 3 ideas in Best of the Best, but if all we have to represent the Ideas section is a list that minuscule then we don’t exactly have a lot to offer.


If I had to guess it’s because if they pick a topic every month the “best of the best” would stop being the so prestigious just a thought


that only explains why they haven’t done another one. the question is: why haven’t they finished this one yet? and that answer doesn’t explain anything.


If they don’t plan to do anymore to do this current one would be a little pointless and unfair to other ideas that could of had to the opportunity to get into best of best in another month


that then raises the questions: “well why do the dec 2017 poll in the first place if it’s ‘not fair’ to future ideas?”, “why start the dec 2017 poll if it was never going to be finished?”, and most importantly: “why add such a category in the first place if nothing was ever going to be put into it?”

also that doesn’t even make sense in the first place. and on top of that, why speculate when I’m asking the mods themselves for the actual answer?

(don’t answer those questions btw pls, the answers are obvious and/or irrelevant)


If they do answer they are going to make a thread to address everyone involved in it not just you, though you seem to think they owe you a personal explanation


@moderators Why was this changed?


Well since the minor forum bugs thread is locked guess this is the next best place to put this:
I have 5 replies with 10+ likes but only have 3 badges.


I know badges don’t really matter but I’m hoping it doesn’t screw up like this all the time and for lots of ppl.


likes in offtopic(and maybe also the wc) dont count for badges
not a bug


hmm ok. The question is, y tho


a shit i gotta love mrs doc, i dont like sauce and i love pineapple

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@moderators whats your opinion on this


You know @ImTeBest is still around right?


Surprised no one has asked this yet.

@moderators do you think @nevov and @shatter have a chance to become acutal mods in the future?


My question is why?


@moderators how often has an idea from the forums actually gotten into the game? And how many of those were from when Deca bought the game?


The Shatters and the Lair of Draconis were originally player-made ideas on the WildShadow forums that Kabam used to make new dungeons.

The Shatters had even gotten something of a cult following. Someone made a “I support putting the Shatters into the game!” banner and many people put it in their forum signature.

(incidentally, the other really popular dungeon idea at the time, Xdalla’s Gauntlet, was never implemented in the game, probably because it would have been more complicated and because adding a crafting mechanic is still seen as somewhat of a controversial idea).

There may have been other player ideas put into the game, but I can’t remember right off the top of my head.




That might have been a thread on the Kabam forums, yes.

Maybe the mods remember more.


I mean toastrz did have a google doc he shared on whatever forum was the forum when he made that dungeon.
It was tweaked a lot, but so were the other community dungeons that made it into prod.