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Now I don’t know if this is the right section again (seriously where do I put topics about RealmeEye)?

Basically I was looking at the guild history of the player DrMini found at:

And I noticed something really strange: RealmEye claims he isn’t in a guild every five minutes or something!

In total RealmEye states that he was in OryxBrotherhood on and off a total of 702 times?

What is this?

EDIT: There’s also a spot where’s RealmEye updates his status as not in a guild 7 times in a row, despite him never changing guilds.

EDIT 2: Hypothesis: is this because RealmEye could only detect whether or not you were in a guild if you were in the nexus?


Holy shit!!! thats overwhelming


i think that some1 in the guild marked him as “left” a lot and he just logged into the nexus
or he marked himeself as “left”


Possible, but 702 times? Seems a little too much effort just to screw around. His early guild history is also kinda messed up, RealmEye shows him bouncing from guild to guild with no transition time.


If about the main RE site: #community-hub is the best fit, as it’s a community non-official resource,
If it’s a “how do I…?” question, then probs #academy:questions-answers is fine,
(Obviously, if it’s about the RE forum then #feedback)


Whenever you look up a guild’s realmeye it says information may be inaccurate due to a bug. My guildie has been a member for over a month, but it says he left a few days ago (he never did though)


There’s 2 different things going on,
The “inaccurate due to a bug” message I think is whenever a guild name has a space in it (multiple words) because I think RE can get confused by two guilds with the same words but different spacing,
Eg. My Guild and My   Guild.

Your guildie dropping off is probably because they’ve gone inactive. When they log back on, RealmEye will add them back onto the guild page. This happens when someone else inactive has been kicked but not removed manually off the RE guild page. Because RealmEye doesn’t see either player, it can’t know which person has been kicked, and the longest inactive drops off by default.


What about DrMini? RealmEye can’t possibly think he’s gone inactive for just 3 minutes or less?


Agree that wouldn’t be the same thing, I was replying to the other post.

Also, what you say in your edit 2 hypothesis is I believe correct, MrEyeball’s bots don’t go into the realms, and they only detect changes when a player is in the nexus. Any bots in the realms are eeeevil bots (notifier bots usually).


Hes actually been on the members list all along though.
Regardless, I guess I was wrong about the message so thanks for pointing that out


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